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Our company has built its reputation on helping our clients financially define goals and make them a reality. We can help you save money and protect and preserve your financial future.Our goal is focused on financial peace of mind for individuals, families and business.

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Don is a proven financial professional and industry educator with expertise and deep experience from strategy to implementation. For nearly half a century Don has specialized in covering social security and retirement income strategies. Today’s insurance /investment climate is probably one of the most challenging times for those who are concerned about future retirement and guaranteed lifetime financial security. Don uses his knowledge to provide consumers financial peace of mind with products that will continue to supplement their retirement income for their entire life.

Don specializes in guaranteed lifetime retirement income, guaranteed tax deferred asset accumulation and guaranteed tax-free life insurance products as well as Social Security information and more importantly,  listening. Don believes, treating others the same way he would like to be treated is the golden rule.


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One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to protect those who are left behind, as well as protecting an ongoing business from dissolution.

Let your pre-retirement high yielding guaranteed income grow tax-deferred, knowing it will be there, GUARANTEED, when you retire.

 Have questions about tax-free life insurance or guaranteed lifetime retirement income? We have financial suggestions on ways to enhance the longest vacation of your life.

Coverage you can count on during your golden years.  We are facing the most challenging times with healthcare reform, ask how we help individuals with Medicare and more.
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